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Beaches - Losinj

Beaches - Losinj

The archipelago is rich in different types of beaches and it offers you the chance to hunt for new pearls in the Adriatic Sea every single day! As usu...
Dolphin watching tour

Dolphin watching tour

Dolphin watching take up to 3 hours and are suitable for max 12 people. On the sea you will be accompanied with an experienced skipper and a dolphin r...
Rent a boat

Rent a boat

The best mean to hunt the most hidden treasures of our island is boat. Let the pleasure of the open sea and the breeze in your hair enrich your days o...
Island panorama - 360°

Island panorama - 360°

Wishing to book your accommodation online but you haven't tried it yet and you don't want to make any mistakes? Or you have but on arrival were dissap...