About us

Founded in 1993, a family-owned ASL Limited and its “Turist” Travel Agency located in the center of Veli Lošinj, Lošinj Island, Croatia, have experienced a lot of ups and some downs during all these years depending on how tourism responded to the regional and world crises. But, at all times, we have been craving for improvement and excellence. An endless care and love for our island that we want to share with the tourists, no matter if they are our clients or not, is what makes that possible.

We promote and present Lošinj island through local products and services, souvenirs, excursions, events, and natural and cultural heritage, and we are top-notch in terms of finding inspiring and comfortable accommodation that suits best your needs. We have also initiated and created numerous exciting, innovative experiences and launched several local community trends, which is an inseparable part of our business.

Whatever we do, we do it with never-ending joy, passion, and fun, completely devoted to every single client, like there are no others. Every member of our skillful and experienced team of four has a different superpower. When we add them together, we feel powerful enough to professionally respond to the upcoming challenges while nurturing our core values: reliability, flexibility, innovation, and custom approach. We find our role model in the Little Prince philosophy - we are a multicolored creative joy!

All you beautiful people who are in search of great vacation.

If you need help with organizing accommodation or:

  • Private, hotel and camp accommodation on island Lošinj and entire Croatia
  • World and European tours, skiing and cruises
  • First and last minute offers
  • Exchange
  • Inland and international bus tickets
  • Excursions, rent a bikes and boats, souvenirs...