About Us

Asl agency was founded in 1993. The main activity is tourism: We are situated in the very center of Veli Losinj. Tourist agency is called "Turist". We are open all year long.

Our agency tirelessly cultivates, promotes and presents our tourist destination through local products and services, souvenirs, excursions, events and cultural & historical wealth. Thanks to our longstanding experience and innovation, we have launched a number of trends in the local community and look forward to each visit throughout the year. We find our role model in the Little Prince philosophy - we are a multicolored creative joy!

All you beautiful people who are in search of great vacation.

If you need help with organizing accommodation or:

  • Private and hotel accommodation on island Lošinj and entire Croatia
  • World and European tours, skiing and cruises
  • Exchange
  • Inland and international bus tickets
  • Excursions, rent a bikes and boats, souvenirs...
  • Wireless internet connection

In our offer we have:

  • Private accommodation
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Offer of accommodation in whole Croatia
  • World and European tours, skiing and cruises
  • First and last minute offers
  • Bus tickets
  • Diving courses and fishing permits
  • Rent of boats, scooters and bicycles
  • Exchange office
  • Excursions