Rhythm of the Senses

- Lošinj Island-

Every island is a story for itself — this one in particular.

It is the place where all your senses will be engaged at once, and you might not be able to distinguish which sense the satisfaction and inspiration you feel comes from. Is it the sight of the sea painted in different shades of blue circling the Island of Lošinj, that once was united with neighboring Island of Cres, until the channel of Osor was excavated in Roman times to shorten the route to the open sea? Or it might be the scent of Mediterranean wild plants in Lošinj Aromatic Garden that are also scattered all around the place and immediately put you into the relaxation mode? Is it the taste of a fresh meal prepared traditionally, reviving the ancient times of Apoxyomenos? A touch of the breeze on your cheeks when exploring the Island's rich cultural heritage from Venetian, Austro-Hungarian, and Yugoslavian times? Or maybe it's just the sound of the waves intertwined with the sounds of Duje, Nola, or some other joyful dolphins.

Actually, it is the combination of all of that and much more.

Catch your own rhythm of senses throughout this inspiring and educational NATURA 2000 site, which has become known as the ‘Island of Vitality’—and a shining eco-tourism rhapsody of senses.


It is always good to have a comfortable and beautiful place to come back after the exciting day joyfully. During your whole stay, your base will be B&B Alaburic 3*, located in Mali Lošinj, the largest town on Lošinj Island and a stunner, and within walking distance from many points of interest. The owners have been tourism business since ever, and since they are now in their 80s, their children took over the running of B&B continuing to make their guests feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe, just like at home. The package is made considering sleeping in double rooms, but it is possible to pay for the single-use (accommodation price is 30% higher).


DAY 1 - 20.09.

Arrival and show cooking in the local restaurant / Taste Day

You will arrive on the Island Krk (Airport Rijeka) and just as any islander does by ferry from Valbiska to island Cres with private transfer (departure from airport at 11.30) and straight to Mali Lošinj.

Ferry port Merag is actually located on the neighbouring island of Cres, connected by bridge with the Island of Lošinj. It takes a bit more than an hour to reach your destination - Mali Lošinj, but have in mind that travel is not only about the destination but also about the journey itself. In this case, travel itself means driving across the whole of Cres Island and a significant chunk of Lošinj Island. Enjoy the views and a Mediterranean buzz!

Check in accommodation around 14.00 - team leader will meet and greet guests in front of the B&B Alaburic at 18.30 and then take you on a short walk along the Lošinj to the Noštromo restaurant.

The family Pejić, a typical island’s family, running the restaurant since 1999, will welcome you with a drink and show you the locally grown ingredients carefully selected for your meal. - the ingredients that will be later on transformed into delicious, traditionally prepared food, right before your eyes, or with the help of your own hands if you are willing to assist the chef. In case you are interested to know how the seafood you are eating ended from the sea on your plate, who caught it, how he/she did it, don’t hesitate to ask. We bet there are plenty of exciting stories waiting to be told.

Return to the accommodation by foot (15 min).

DAY 2 - 21.09.

Lošinj Aromatic Garden and walking through green paths to the blue sea / Scent Day

After the healthy and hearty breakfast, our team leader will meet you at 10:00 in front of the accommodation facility and take you to the 5 min walk to the Lošinj’s Aromatic Garden. Immediately upon your arrival, all of your senses will be rewarded - the garden encompasses some 250 wonderfully smelling wild herb species. You will first have 45 min educational guided tour through the garden’s natural treasure, which will also include a tasting of liquors made with different herbs. (Well, now you know why an abundant breakfast was needed this morning.)

You will also meet an art historian who will take you with her stories on a historic herbal trip. Around noon you will take part in one hour workshop and learn how to make cheese, olive oil, and herbs spread. You won’t have to imagine how incredibly tasty it is, as you’ll be served with a fresh artisan bread that makes a perfect team with a spread you made. After the snack, the tour is not over - you will make a herbarium you could take with you as a souvenir. Also, you will be challenged to guess different scents; the best one even gets a certificate! Before leaving, don’t resist buying some jams, oils, and soaps from the Aromatic Garden’s shop. The whole experience in the Aromatic Garden lasts for 4 hours.

Wholly rejuvenated and invigorated by the scents, we will walk to the St. Martin beach some 20 min away. It’s your time to relax for 2-3 hours and refresh in the sea, so don’t forget to bring your bathing suits. In case you don't want to feel how it is to be a local who usually is dining in a swimsuit/casual suit, you’ll have enough time to get ready in the B&B before it and be on time for a tasty meal. Right in St. Martin bay, the place once known for captains and shipbuilders, there is a family-owned Restaurant Corrado. Their creative cuisine is based on local products, traditions, and devotion. If you want a real treat, ask for their specialty!

Return to the accommodation by foot (20 min).

DAY 3 - 22.09.

Walking and dolphin watching / Sound Day

After breakfast, you will meet our team leader at 09:00 in front of your accommodation and will continue along the Promenade of Vitality. The path connects Mali and Veli Lošinj, well-known island’s settlements; it’s 4 km long and rewards you with astonishing sceneries and an opportunity to recognise different wild plants and scents you were introduced to yesterday. We will visit The Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation in Veli Lošinj, where you will get information about their research, conservation, and education, as well as the incredible impact of their work. Thanks to their 30 years long engagement, the dolphins have been under protection in Croatia, dolphins' number has been increased, and it is stable now because of the synergy of the local community and Blue World. Money from all tickets sold goes for conservation purposes. Suppose you might want to give extra support to the Blue World Institute to save dolphins and turtles, increase life long learning on sustainability and protect coastal and sea habitats. In that case, you could place a donation or even adopt a dolphin! It is up to your choice, whether it would be Nola, Duje, Elsa, or Elmar. We suppose you would like to see this smiling sea creatures in their natural habitat. That is why we are taking you on a boat trip for 3 hours with the experienced guys from the Blue World. You’ll have the best chance to see dolphins and hear their noises intertwined with the sound of the waves. Would you recognise the one you adopted?

Before we sail away, you’ll have some 45 min free time to absorb the unimaginable beauty of the Veli Lošinj or to grab an ice cream or pastry in the local gelateria, to keep your energy level high before we return from the sea. After we reach the land, we’ll go for dinner in the local restaurant Marina, which has more than 30 years of tradition. Despite the restaurant's big capacity, Family Vidas welcomes guests like in their own home

and prepares fresh Adriatic fish and other specialties from local products. To keep our footprint low as possible and feel more immersed in local life, we will return to the B&B by public bus at 20:30h.

DAY 4 - 23.09.

Introduction to the ancient times and sunset watching over the archipelago / Sight Day

After breakfast, you will meet your team leader at 10:00 in front of your accommodation and head to the Museum of Apoxyomenos in the vicinity, where you will have a guided tour. We won’t tell you a lot about the Apoxyomenos nor the Museum, but we promise that story is exceptional in every sense! While “diving“ through and exploring this quite unusual place, the Island's best-kept secret will be revealed to you and boost your interest in this part of history. At the same time, you will undoubtedly remain inspired by its interior, designed by Turato, one of the famous Croatian architects.

To enhance the antique spirit you're feeling, for lunch, you’ll have a menu from Apoxyomenos’s times at restaurant Bocca Vera.

Afterward, you'll have a free afternoon, and at 19:00, you will be picked up in front of your accommodation facility. In a short time, you will find yourself at Providenca Thematic Belvedere, a wondrous place on the top of the hill with a view of sunset that will feed your soul through senses and make you appreciate the beauty of living even more. Educational trail Apsyrtides proudly carries the ancient name of this famous archipelago. 28 textual interpretations enriched with photographs bring forth the story that only the soul of an islander can tell. Meet the Apsyrtides archipelago for what it truly is. Unique and unrepeatable!While looking at the thin line where the sea meets the sky on a horizon, an artisan cheese, delicious bites of fish, prosciutto, and handmade bread will be served for dinner.

Private transfer to the accommodation (no public transportation available).

DAY 5 - 24.09.

Talking to the local fisherman and experiencing the surface and the depths of the sea / Touch Day

Today we are starting at 9:00 without breakfast in the accommodation. It will be served in picnic style in vivid and charming Rovenska bay right on the shore from where you can feel the smell of the sea. You will be transferred by private transportation, as the public is not available. You will meet Daniel and talk with him about his practice and life.

Daniel is a local guy and has been fascinated with the sea and fish since he was a kid when he used to steal his grandfather’s small fishing boat during his afternoons' naps and go fishing by himself. Learn about the equipment he uses and touch it to sense both the sea's and the man's energy. You will feel the vast blue calling you to experience it; that is why we are taking you for kayaking and snorkelling for the next 5 hours.

You will explore hidden coves, swim in beautiful beaches, visit Orjule islands, enjoy wild nature and feel the sensations coming from earth, water, and air all day long.

Late farewell lunch/early dinner is at family-owned Mol Restaurant, where we will talk about what amazed you the most during your trip. Transfer to the B&B around 19:00 and free evening in Mali Lošinj.

DAY 6 - 25.09.


Breakfast at accommodation, and departure. Upon your request transfer to the airport will be organised. Don’t forget to keep your own rhythm of Lošinj senses with you at all times!

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