Dolphin watching Lošinj

We believe that effective communication, which starts and develops from mutual 
respect is everything. But do you think that’s only valid amongst humans? 
Well, wait before you see how our Karlo the Captain whispers to the dolphins! 
Meanwhile, feed your soul with what surrounds you - deep blue and turquoise sea,
incredible coves and hidden beaches.
As for the stomachs, keep in mind that we don’t provide food and drinks, 
but you’re very much welcome to take some with you:)
info@dolphinwatchinglosinj.com, info@island-losinj.com
+385 51 236 256



Excursion on three islands, Oruda, Orjule i Ilovik + picnic

Discover Veli Lošinj and its lively port, and sail away to the heavenly beaches of the islands of Oruda and Palacol.
Explore the scented gardens of the island Ilovik and refresh yourself with an abundance of the underwater world fruit.

Happy boat tour- every day!

Excursion on three islands, Oruda, Orjule i Ilovik + picnic
Deaparture from Veli Lošinj: 11:00 h

Arrival in Veli Losinj: 17:00 hContact:info@island-losinj.com+385 51 236 256