One of the most popular Croatian islands, Losinj is famous for its lush green vegetation and crystal clear sea. The main town on the island is the town of Mali Losinj – the largest town on the islands in the entire Adriatic. A few kilometres away is a smaller and quieter village Veli Losinj.


Veli Lošinj is situated in a narrow bay on the southeast side of Lošinj island, at the foot of St. John's hill. Tall houses in the first row overlooking the harbour and numerous luxurious villas with beautiful gardens are the main characteristics of this pretty town. It is interesting to note that in the past Veli Lošinj (Velo selo – “large village”) was bigger than Mali Lošinj (Malo selo – “little village”), but throughout history Mali Lošinj developed more rapidly and today the situation is reversed. The names, however, have remained.

Experience a real fishermen's atmosphere in Rovenska, the southern port. Small houses encircle the small round port and white fishing boats dot the sea and the spillway. In 1854 the archduke Maximilian (later the Emperor of Mexico) laid the cornerstone for the large breakwater in front of Rovenska.

Sightseeing in Veli Losinj

The parish church of St. Anthony the Hermit (before 1480); from 1774 in baroque aspect; numerous works of art and an organ by master builder Callido, Vivarini: Virgin with Child and Saints; reliquary of St. Gregory
The church of Our Lady of the Angels built about 1600
The park - botanical garden «Podjavori» with the former winter - palace «See Watch» of the Habsburg Archduke Charles Stephen
Rovenska: the breakwater from 1854.
The chapel of St. John on the hill named by the saint: panoramic view of Veli Lošinj and Mali Lošinj
The Tower of Veli Lošinj dates back to 1445, and it was built for defence of the harbour from pirate attacks from the sea. It is the symbol of the town and a motif on the crest of Veli Lošinj. Today, it houses a museum and a gallery
Lošinj educational marine center in Veli Lošinj - Blue World, where you can find out more about Lošinj seabed and the dolphin colony living here, with multimedia and interactive projections, exhibits and lectures. Use the opportunity, adopt a dolphin, and participate in their preservation and Dolphin watching tour.

Accommodation in Veli Losinj

There are a lot of small family accommodation units, different categories and facilities.

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